Monopoly Run!

We have just woken up after a well deserved nap, hopefully the scouts have been able to wind down and do their homework by now (right?!).

We have had a very nice weekend on London, starting the Saturday morning from Waterloo in 2 groups, rolling a die and moving along the monopoly board, traveling wherever we landed.

This saw Team Sanna visit Leicester Square, Northumberland Avenue, Old Kent road, Oxford Street, Liverpool Street, Whitechapel road, Pall Mal and the Strand.

Team Tim took the scenic route to Vine Street via the poppies at Tower of London and on to Leicester Square, Angel Islington, Trafalgar Square, Marlborough street and finally the Strand.


That evening we went to Pizza Hut, we were turned away at the first one but managed to find space at a second in Leicester Square, food was enjoyed and we managed to finish the meal with just one nose-bleed and one broken glass and 10 full and eventually happy Scouts.

We then headed back to the YHA Thameside Hostel, where we practiced the emergency escape route before even checking in as the fire alarm went off as we got there. Model behaviour all around – I was very proud! We then dumped bags and walked to the all important sweet-shop where value and quantity down to the last penny put their maths and economic skills to good use. Most of them found that they were still carrying half full 2L bottles around along with absurd quantities of sweets the next day…

The night was uneventful – all scouts were in bed and more or less asleep by the set time, leaving Tim and Sanna to enjoy 30min of peace and quiet before being kept awake most of the night by rowdy non-scouts.

The next morning saw a prompt 8AM breakfast, arriving at The Imperial War Museum at around 10:30. It was a good day with generally good behaviour and the Scouts seemed interested in the exhibitions and the history of the countries involved.


The train journey home showed the lack of sleep and amount of sugar consumed with a lot of silly (but good) behaviour and it was with a certain air of relief that we counted to 9 scouts for the last time as we got off the train at Hampton Station and saw the scouts happily reunited with their parents.

Thank you to Amanda, Suzie and Chris for coming along on Saturday – couldn’t have done it without you!

Nearly bedtime! More Photos on Flikr coming soon!