Cub Diamond Jubilee Activity Camp

The Cub Activity Camp was the coldest, wettest and windiest camp ever! It was particularly bad during the night, the Cubs managed to sleep through 47 mile an hour gusts of wind and constant lashing rain! The rain didn’t stop all weekend! We had to end the camp earlier than expected and are very grateful to the parents who turned up to take down tents and help carry the equipment to the van through all the mud and puddles!

The good news is that we still managed to take part in many of the on-site activities and have a lot of fun! The photos speak for themselves so please have a look at them! The cubs should be very proud of themselves and hopefully the next camp will not have quite such challenging weather. Thank you so much to the parents who met us back at the scout hut to help unload the van, put away the equipment and hang out the soaking wet tents!