Ian Goddard Challenge 2011 and Group Sleepover

This year the District Ian Goddard Challenge took the form of a hike, stopping off to do activities, all around Hampton and Bushy Park. 18 of our Cubs took part and represented our pack in three teams. This was followed by a 7th Hampton sleepover at our own hut. One of the Cubs decided, during a bit of free time on the sleepover, to write up his experience of the day:

“It was a boring morning when we started off. Baloo never let us rest. We went through Hampton Hill to 3rd Hampton Hill. When we got there we did a quiz and then we made smores on a fire. Then we went to 1st Hampton Hill we had a lunch stop there. After lunch we went on a treasure hunt but one of the cubs twisted his ankle. When we received our prize we got chocolate. Then we went to 1st Sea Scouts, we made people out of string. Then we went back to the church for our final activity which was Jenga. Then we walked back to the cub hut and played with some games.”

Activities during the evening included Bingo and a campfire. The Cubs all slept in sleeping bags on the floor at the Scout Hut, some getting more sleep than others!