A busy weekend for those at Quartermaster’s camp

Well done to all that attended this weekend’s camp – 3 trips to the tip with old equipment and rubbish are evidence of the amount of clearing out that was done.

Anyone walking into the main room would not really see any dfference – but if you were to look in any of the side rooms or the garage you would be amazed at how clean and tidy everything is!!

Camping equipment (cooking stuff and tents, etc) was checked and sorted, old/broken equipment thrown away, a new outside store put up, leaves and other garden rubbish sorted, the outside gas store cleaned and sorted, shelving cleaned and painted, cupboards rearranged, equipment moved into the attic store and everywhere given a good dust and mop.

Despite all the hard work scouts managed to set up their tents, cook three meals for themselves on the gas stoves, wake up to one very wet morning and one very frosty morning….. they even found plenty of time to play games on the Xbox Kinect.

All that took part should congratulate themselves on a job well done – I suspect there were a lot of very tired scouts on Sunday evening!!