Cub Down Under Camp

G’day mates! The Cubs are back from their Down Under Camp and, hopefully, the ones who were covered in mud have had a chance to get clean again! One of the first things we did was river dipping, where the Cubs were very successful – I think the fish were taken by surprise! We did release the fish back into the water after we had attempted to identify them. We also did a variety of athletics, backwoods cooking (Bush Tucker Barbie), Outback Adventure (including throwing a boomerang, transporting amber nectar and bush tucker trial feely boxes) and a Walkabout. Cubs made their own large hairy spiders and tie-dyed their t-shirts to turn them into cool surfer dude t-shirts! The results of the tie-dye were very impressive, with each t-shirt a unique style. There are plenty of photos from the camp as well as a few videos. The set can be found by clicking this link.