Maintenance of our HQ

Many thanks to Robert, Dale and Amanda for all their hard work this morning clearing the weeds etc. However, from a group with over 90 young people in it to have only 4 of us there this morning was very disappointing – with some more help we could have made an even bigger difference.

Please make every effort to help us on the other dates this summer. See original request for help below.

Picking up your beaver, cub or scout recently you may have noticed that the “greenery” is quite obvious – 6ft high nettles!!

At the rear of the hut the grounds are even more overgrown.

We need your help in keeping the vegetation under control as to make full use of our grounds we need to be sure that we are not going to lose anyone in the undergrowth or have anyone suffering nettle stings.

Over the next few months we will be having regular working parties to cut back the overgrown parts and keep them under control. If you can spare some time please help us to do this – as this will allow the leaders to focus on the delivery of top quality scouting without having to be Alan Titchmarsh as well!!

Working parties will be held from 10am to 12pm on the following dates (bring your own gardening tools/gloves as we only have a very small amount of gardening equipment).

19th June; 24th July; 14th August and 4th September

Tea, coffee and soft drinks will be provided – to keep a hard working team going!!

Thank you!!