Cardboard City – built and demolished in a day!!

Well done to all 17 of you who completed the hike yesterday. 15 miles to Richmond Park and back (returning with 1/2 litre of water  each to replicate the journey that many children in Sierra Leone and other parts of the world have to do on a daily basis just to get clean water. 

The money that you will all raise through your sponsorship will go towards sponsoring Musa for many years to come and help him overcome difficulties within his native Sierra Leone. If you would like to see what the money is paying for and why this is so important please follow this link

After making such a long journey on Saturday (to Richmond Park and back!) the scouts built their own “Cardboard City” 


– although it was more of a detached four bedroom house

with large gardens all around. 

After a well earned meal and some pancakes and doughnuts the scouts had a small fire
and then retired, exhausted to their “home” for the night.


 After a good night’s sleep and a cooked breakfast the scouts demolished their city, did some map training skills and enjoyed a few games of hockey and dodge ball before going home to rest.

Well done again to you all and make sure you get your sponsorship monies in as soon as possible.