Hiking season starts in the dark!!

Scouts took part in two hikes recently, firstly the County night hike competition at which a young team managed (like 11 other teams) to find navigating in the dark a little challenging!!

They didn’t complete the course but well done to all of them for trying – next year we need the scouts to follow the scout law and to have “courage in all difficulties”.

Whilst the scouts hiked Andy did what he loves doing and split loads and loads of logs to keep a roaring fire going for those cold scouts returning from the competition.

The following Saturday night 8 scouts and 4 adult leaders/helpers braved the cold and wet and completed a 22km hike overnight starting at 7.30pm and finishing at around 3am the following morning. All scouts completed the hike and kept in high spirits through the night – Well Done!!!

Afterwards they enjoyed some sleep and a traditional scout breakfast of sausages and bacon – Yum!