Monopoly Run 2009 (Team Bob)

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AngelWe started at Waterloo and our first roll of the dice took us to Angel – the Northern Line to Euston and then changing to the other branch of the Northern Line and south to Angel.

.Tate ModernFrom Angel it was on to the Electricity Company (the Tate Modern) and we took the Northern Line south to Bank. From there it’s a short walk to the Millennium Bridge and the Tate Modern

London ZooUh-oh! Community Chest – this roll saw us needing to take up Zoology and heading to Mornington Crescent and on to the gates of London Zoo.
Phew! That was a long one, time for lunch – a well earned rest in Regent’s Park before rolling the dice for the next one.

Our roll took us to The Strand, so we walked south through Regent’s Park to Regent’s Park Station and onto the Bakerloo Line towards Charing Cross and a tiny walk to the Strand.The Strand

Straight back onto the tube for our next throw – this one was the Diana Memorial Fountain (The Water Works). Our plan was to take the Bakerloo, change at Tottenham Court Road and then onto the Central Line towards Queensway. All was going well until they kicked us off the tube at Marble Arch. Oh-well, a nice (slightly rainy) walk through Hyde Park to the fountain.Diana Fountain

After our experience on the Central Line, we thought we’d get the bus to the next stop, Bond Street – and a number 10 bus took us to Oxford Circus. This was a pretty tricky walk for us through Oxford Street shoppers in the dark and rain – but we kept together and made it to our last stop of the day.
Bond Street

Off to Nigel’s office for a well-earned pizza and doughnut before heading to the Youth Hostel for the night.

Our second day started at the Youth Hostel and our first throw took us to King’s Cross. Not far for this one, we got the bus to London Bridge and north to King’s Cross on the Northern Line.
King's Cross

Us and Sherlock HolmesOur final roll for the Monopoly Run was to Marylebone – we went to Baker Street (saw Sherlock Holmes) and then walked 600 yards (it said so on the sign and we measured it) to Marylebone station.
Marylebone Station

Off now to meet the other teams for lunch and a trip to the Imperial War Museum before home time.